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Client Testimonials

My financial trouble was so deep that even my debt management program advisor told me to file for personal bankruptcy. I researched the bankruptcy process and found it to be daunting, well beyond my ability to handle myself. I needed an attorney, but whom?

I called various bankruptcy lawyers in northern Lower Michigan and found too many of them to be hostile or arrogant, not to mention expensive. I looked online for a good bankruptcy attorney and came across a referral to Dean Sheldon. The way his practice was described attracted me, so I read up on his background and decided to call him.

From the moment we began talking, I knew I would hire Dean Sheldon. Our initial telephone consultation lasted a long time, but he never hurried me and he answered all my questions thoroughly. Furthermore, he was sympathetic. He understood that I was apprehensive and distraught, so he did his best to reassure me and never once spoke condescendingly to me. Plus, Dean Sheldon’s fee structure was more than fair.

He sent me a packet of information regarding all the documentation he would need to file a successful bankruptcy petition. His instructions and checklist were comprehensive; no detail was overlooked. His paperwork was so thorough that I could tell that Dean Sheldon knew the bankruptcy code and court filing procedures inside and out. I was in good hands. In the end, the legal proceedings were concluded without a problem, just as Dean Sheldon had predicted.

Moreover, throughout the process, Dean Sheldon was easily accessible, willing to spend time on the phone with me until all my concerns were addressed to my satisfaction. In email communications, he answered all questions diligently and specifically. Always, he was patient, kind and respectful, the highest attributes of a professional. Once, Dean Sheldon even took personal time away from his family to return a desperate after-hours phone call from me. He assuaged my alarm, and did not hang up until he was sure I was no longer worried. This kind of concerned personal service makes him stand out as a true gentleman on top of his standing as a skilled and talented bankruptcy attorney.

I highly recommend Dean Sheldon to anyone who is facing personal bankruptcy.


Still having trouble making up your mind?
Read on.  It's long but instructive.

My financial problems began in 2006 when I went through a divorce.  After having perfect credit for many years, I went through a period of having to use credit cards for almost everything just to get by.  When I remarried in 2007, my new husband brought his own financial issues to the table and the problem worsened.  In 2009, I was let go from my job, and my husband received a large pay cut.  After trying the debt settlement route and then dropping out of the program,  I knew something drastic needed to happen.
I initially hired a well known bankruptcy firm, but was treated very badly.  Phone calls went unanswered, and emails were not returned.  When I was fortunate enough to speak with my attorney, I was made to feel like I was a bother.  99% of the contact I  made was through a paralegal, who never seem to have an answer for anything. The only thing this firm seemed to be interested in was receiving payment, since that was all that was ever discussed.  It was quite simply, a nightmare. 
Finally I found Dean through a web search and gave him a call.  Immediately I knew that I wanted to hire him and have him represent us. He was upfront and personable, and made me feel at ease right away. His fees were more than fair, and he was upfront about them.  There was never any pressure for payment.  The whole concept of bankruptcy was daunting, and when my many fears took over, Dean was always there to calm them and answer all concerns.  He returned phone calls and emails during his own personal time without complaining.  Once the petition was filed, it was smooth sailing and everything went through without any problems. 
I don't know what I would have done without Dean to help us.  If you are looking for a competent, fair and understanding bankruptcy attorney - look no further,  You will not be sorry.

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